The corks have been popping at the restaurant this week! We’ve been celebrating our ranking on the well-regarded Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

Chosen by 300 of our industry peers, Eat Me restaurant rose a whopping 12 places to number 25 on the list and Chef Tim and my sister Cherie and I were at the awards presentation last week in Singapore.

We were surprised beyond belief to be included on a list with such amazing restaurants from around the region, including some of our Bangkok favourites: Gaggan Anand’s Gaggan (which was voted #1 in Asia), David Thompson’s Nahm (#7), Bo and Dylan’s Bo.lan (#37), Ian Kittichai’s Issaya Siamese Club (#39).

We’re very proud of them, as such kudos really does demonstrate that Bangkok is the dining capital of Asia.

Not only do we have fantastic street food here in Bangkok, markets overflowing with fresh local produce, and a lively culinary culture that never sleeps, we also have a world-class restaurant scene.

However, most of all, we’re very proud of everyone on our team for doing such great work and keeping it fun.

We think the staff are not only some of the most warm and welcoming in Bangkok, they’re also some of the most creative and talented in the city.

We’re also very grateful to our guests, both first-timers on holidays in the city, and our regulars who have been dining with us since we began, along with our many friends who have supported us over the years.

While it’s wonderful for the restaurant, a downside of winning the award for our diners means that we’re busier than we’ve ever been, so do try to reserve a table in advance.

A lot of wonderful people have worked hard together to make this happen, not least of all my sister Cherie, Chef Tim, Kelly, H, and Thomas. Thanks to you all.