Art Exhibitions at Eat Me

From the very beginning we had wanted to have art exhibitions at Eat Me. My sister Cherie and I had dreamed of having a cool little arty space of our own and the thing that first attracted us about Café Bongo was the arty vibe.

The first artist who we showed at Eat Me was that guy who handed me the postcard in the street that day that led me to discover Café Bongo – Nung, the lovely Nung, who sadly passed away.

Nung did these big colourful abstract acrylic canvases. You’d see his stuff in cafés and gay bars and he had a little gallery for a while on Soi 4. It was terrible to hear he had passed away.

But Nung was our first artist and we loved him and his work sold well.

That first art exhibition at Eat Me wasn’t curated as they are now with the shows that H Gallery put together for us. Things weren’t even numbered or named.

In those days we just put stuff up on the wall and when we sold something the artist came in and put another something else up on the wall. We didn’t even have any proper lighting and the space was very dimly lit.

The gallery owner and curator H of H Gallery, who now curates our art exhibitions, was actually one of our first customers. Within that first or second week of opening, H was here.

He had this big high-flying stuff happening in the US in DC and Virginia but he wanted out of the rat race so he went to Luang Prabang for six months and defragmented.

H did little trips down to Bangkok and he came here and he started to think that maybe doing something here would be kind of cool and I agreed.

The guy that H came to dinner with at Eat Me the first time was a friend of Chef A’s and I ended up sitting down with H and chatting to him for quite some time and he was a very intelligent guy with great stories.

That’s how we began holding proper art exhibitions at Eat Me so the history of showing art here is as long as the restaurant itself.

H is still a regular diner. And I still like to sit down to listen to his stories.