Bangkok Streets: Convent Road

Eat Me is located on a lively little soi – what the Thais call a narrow sidestreet or lane – off lovely, leafy Convent Road. It’s one of my favourite Bangkok streets.

It’s in the middle of Bangkok’s business district and yet it borders one of the city’s busiest entertainment areas in Silom on one side, and Sathorn Road, a boulevard lined with some of the biggest luxury hotels, on the other.

I think it’s that mix of bankers, office workers, expats, rich Thais, and tourists that make the neighbourhood so interesting – and Convent Road is where they all seem to meet to drink and eat.

If you’re a Thai office worker the last thing you want to do when you come out of work at 5pm is sit in traffic for three hours so people want to go out and do things for a while. Some will go fill up the Irish pubs. Others will drink in the little wine bars that are popping up.

After drinking for a couple of hours, people want to go eat and Convent Road is the place to do it. Drop by at any time of day, from early in the morning until late into the night, and you’ll find a food stall that takes your fancy.

There’s one stall of everything. There are stalls selling all different kinds of soups and noodles with tiny tables and stools set up around them. There are smaller stands selling Thai fish cakes and steamed Chinese pork buns.

There’s the roti boy from India (fancy that!) making piping hot roti and my fruit stall guy, who sells fantastic freshly chopped fruit – amazing pineapple (two types) and watermelon and papaya.

Someone stole his cart once, it was terrible – I felt so sorry for him and was going to buy him a new cart, until it just turned up out of nowhere.

I have my favourite pad Thai stall about half way up Convent Road, outside the monastery. He’s only there for lunch and he’s the only pad Thai guy and he’s the best.

If you want more than street food, there are a couple of good spots…

Vesper is great. It’s nice and buzzy, the food and cocktails are great, and the hosts are lovely. It’s an Italian chef and he does good light Mediterranean food, and the atmosphere is fun and casual. There’s a Scottish bartender who uses these fancy glasses for kick-arse cocktails.

I also like Indigo, which serves French food in a lovely old school house. It opened soon after we opened Eat Me in 1998. It’s French-owned and the main business partner owns the butchers across the street so they have access to great meat products, some of which we get. We get most things direct from suppliers but if we need something quickly, we get it from them and it’s always good.

Convent Road is not only about eating and drinking…

There is the St Joseph Carmelite Convent, after which Convent Road is name. It has been there for about 80 years and has an old chapel, which opens its doors on a Sunday morning and special occasions. I highly recommend you take a peek inside. There are beautiful old timber buildings and lovely grounds.

Oh, and of course, there’s Eat Me.