Eat Me Art: SPIRAL new works by Steven Simon

8 DEC 2012 – 9 FEB 2013

Steven Simon’s series of works titled ‘Spiral’ is based on research into the geometry in nature, such as structure, volume and space. The very act of planting seeds, watching them grow into plants and observing how they develop structural form informs how Simon sees and thinks about shapes, textures and spiraling structures. His materials and method of mold-making capture the textured surfaces of flowers and vegetables that evoke spiral forms reminiscent of DNA spirals and galaxies.

Simon’s exploration into structure and space builds on earlier work he did with coral reefs. Created from thousands of pieces of vibrantly painted pasta, these sculptures are facsimiles of living coral reefs. Since the world’s magnificent organic formations are slowly dying from toxic pollution, and life is only as strong as its weakest link, what feasible effect will the coral reefs’ death have on human survival?

Photographs of the reef sculptures made of hand-painted pasta complement the visual and tactile qualities in his castings of spiraling forms and textures. The combined installation of these images and his castings contrast with the solidity and impressive mass of Eat Me Restaurant, as the installation lightly embraces the walls.

Steven Simon holds degrees in Political Science and Sculpture and builds sculptural editorials in a vast array of methods and media. He has supervised the sculpture lab at UCLA for over 25 years.

Sculptures and photographs by Steven Simon was on display Eat Me Restaurant from 8 December 2012 until 5 February 2013.
Eat Me Restaurant is open to the public daily between 3pm and 1am.