Eat Me Art: San-Sti by Tanika Panyarachun

2 OCT – 8 DEC 2012

‘San-Sti’ is the the first solo exhibition by Tanika ‘Pook’ Panyarachun in Thailand.
Exploring philosophies and symbolism derived from Buddhist thought, Tanika creates delicately woven structures that evoke both a meditative process and themes of departure, change and renewal. The title of this exhibition is a Sanskrit term which translates as rendering (san) and consciousness (sti).

Tanika’s ephemeral forms are largely influenced by the traditional boat of monks, used when canals were common in Siam. The artist allows her skeletal wooden frames to remain partly visible through the careful weaving of saffron-colored yarn, and the affect is one that balances a sense of presence and absence. Tanika originally trained as a painter with an interest in medieval manuscripts and Gregorian chants and these current works suggest a mature inquiry into the devotional and spiritual qualities of certain methods and materials; qualities that typically resonate beyond their original cultural contexts.

Tanika Panyarachun was educated in Bangkok, England and North America. She graduated from Brown University in 2010, with a joint major in art history and visual art. Tanika recently relocated full-time to Bangkok and is working on a number of art and culture projects.

Works from ‘San-Sti’ were on display at Eat Me Restaurant from 2 October – 8 December 2012.
Eat Me Restaurant is open to the public daily between 3pm and 1am.