Eat Me Art: ANU-STI by Thai photographer, Waranthorn Tachakunakorn

7 FEB – 4 MAR 2012

Fear has the power and the ability to extract our minds and viciously kidnap it from the peaceful place of the sub-consciousness. That which we worry about or the emotional distress becomes an inner motivator to trigger repeating images in our heads, bearing similar resemblances to a film which is on repeat playing over and over again. While these images play out in our minds, our psyche becomes involuntarily affected, inducing stress and discomfort to many which experience the same masochistic processes that build up all the emotions within. The accumulated emotional excrement becomes the inspiration behind the exhibition “Anu-Sti,” a photographic exploration and first solo exhibition by Waranthorn Tachakunakorn, the 21 year old Chulalongkorn University Undergraduate.

The current wellbeing of our contemporary culture is succumbed with violence and control which could act as a perfect stimulus when a person visits any number of places or scenarios. Even for a second certain scenes could act the inducer of fear even though the place may actually be completely harmless, however the real killer here is in fact lurking in our heads. Images of horror are displaced onto the scene of normalcy and the irrational upheaval of emotions comes crashing onto the victims. These illusions which causes so much to our mental health needs to only be realized and understood. The phenomena which many of us incoherently universally share is simply the result of the mind being raped and tainted by society that flavored it with fear.

‘Anu-Sti’ was on display, daily between 3PM and 1AM at Eat Me Restaurant, from February 7 to March 4, 2012.