Eat Me Art: INTROGRESSION by Thai painter, Thongmai Thepram

10 JAN – 5 FEB 2012

‘Introgression’ is Thongmai Thepram first solo exhibition. Holding a master’s degree from Silpakorn University, Thepram questions the moral issue surrounding the long-term environmental effects by humans through our intervening processes of genetic engineering. In this exhibition, the artist utilizes form as the component, the color as a media, and the sign as the expression.

Genetic engineering has been openly embraced by the agricultural and farming industries since its introduction. With the monumental maximizing effects in food production through the alteration of DNA, man now has the ability to play god by producing disease-resistant crops and cash in more money than he could ever imagine. However, the deliberate modification of biology in the cellular level could lead to mutations which could create chaos on the appearance, the biological structure or even the instincts of the animals.

In the pieces ‘No Sense’, ‘Distortion 1’ and ‘Distortion 2’ the form of the cattle and pigs are abnormally misshapen, which acts as a reflection of man’s obsession to alter the biological structure of a being, so that he forgets what nature had planned for her own creations. Similarly, in ‘Breeder 1’ and ‘Breeder 2’ the Yonic symbol of the female is made overly abundant with a large number of weirdly shaped breasts that no longer signifies fertility, but instead acts as a constant reminder of the tragic violation to nature by humans.

The Yonic symbol is further displayed in ‘New Borns 1’ and ‘New Borns 2’ where the summation of all the forms pays tribute to the womb. The new born cattle that are branded before they can open their eyes symbolize the innocence and the weakness these animals have and what dark faith lies ahead of them.

‘Introgression’ will be on display, daily between 3PM and 1AM at Eat Me Restaurant, from January 10 to February 5, 2012.