Eat Me Art: GHOST ORB by Thai artist, Chulayarnnon Siriphol

29 NOV – 5 JAN 2012

It is believed that when humans or animals pass away, they are turned into spirits lingering and drifting in the human world unseen to the human eye. However photography has been a mysterious medium that could capture more than we see. Photographs sometimes display traces of orbs on them, ranging in many shades of colors from white, red, blue, purple to green where many believe that these orbs are traces of the spirit’s entity and would often have a relationship or a special bond to the subjects in the photographs. This phenomenon is known as Ghost Orbs. The force and energy of the spirit is seen through light, filled with longing, memories, loneliness, sorrow, hope, desire and love. The spirits long for the day the will rejoin the living and reunite with those they love once again. The eight videos by Siriphol represents the the way back to life and the different manifestation of spiritual energy being released. ‘Mrs. Nuan who can recall her past life’ is a video about burying a dog’s corpse. It is believed that the strong love connection between the owner and the dog will one day bring them together into the world again.

The film ‘Chulayarnon’ deals with spirits in a different way, the spirits of childhood and how a person memories of a particular period of time exists within a time frame very much like how humans exist in the living world. We exist in a very small time pocket where in the film he burns the self portrait of himself in order to delete his own time pocket permanently.

Fads like planking becomes an interest to the artist for a very different reason. When a person lies down flat on the floor during the national anthem, he feels that the act becomes a morbid performance that triggers the pain and the hopes and dreams of those who are no longer with us who will one day rejoin us.

Siriphol’s interest in motion picture started from the rapid interest and popularity of the medium. However, he works within the short film format in order to express his own feelings that opposes mainstream use of the medium through sarcasm and dark humor. The artist believes that there is no ‘perfect’ film composition and that the combination of depicting a creative story and also documenting his own life becomes an integral part of his practice where his memories and attitude towards societal problems are being played out in front of the audience’s eyes.

‘Ghost Orb’ will be on display, daily between 3PM and 1AM at Eat Me Restaurant, from November 29, 2011 to January 5, 2012.