Eat Me Art: CLOISTER by Thai sculptor/photographer, Nuttha Isarathithakkul

4 OCT – 27 NOV 2011

‘Cloister’ was the exciting debut exhibition of sculptor/photographer Nuttha Isarathithakkul, a second year architecture undergrad student at Chulalongkorn University. The 20 year old artist combines her love for architectural forms with the liberal intuitive nature in photography to present a series of photographic sculptures that questions the urban spaces that we live in.

Most metropolitan Bangkokians feel trapped having to live in cramped crowded condominiums where we willingly confine ourselves to a standard of living that reminds us of serving time in a tiny prison cell. We share our own walls with complete strangers whom we know nothing about, separated from us simply by inches of thin walls. This project depicts the yearning and insatiable burning for large spaces where one can get lost in the vastness and serenity that nature kindly provides. Where one can escape the burden and the heavy responsibilities that prevents and disrupts any bonds where man can become re-connected to mother nature. The peep-hole of her photo-boxes acts as an essential symbol to portray city folks’ ability to perceive what nature is but the inability to engage with it. The variety of these boxes not only imitates the spaces that we live in but also depicts the sense of being isolated in our tiny spaces. Through the peephole the viewers can see images of the sky, mountains and oceans which are scenic pleasures, allowing for a temporary escape that reminds us of what we long to connect to and how we forgot to connect to nature.