Eat Me Art: HANG by Thai photographer, Nattapat Wuttiungsavotai

2 AUG – 2 OCT 2011
‘Hang’ was the debut solo exhibition of photographs by Nattapat Wuttiungsavotai, an undergraduate from the Architecture Faculty of Chulalongkorn University, who presents a series of 14 photographs where cigarette smoke is used in order to portray the dichotomy between the beauty and the chaos in life. Nattapat was not keen on taking photographs initially until he first saw the series of work by Rinko Kawauchi, when his attitude towards photography changed. Since then he has begun to capture specific minute moments in life through his lens which gave birth to his first exhibition.

‘Hang’ is the result of his epiphany, a reflection between the contrasting coexistence of a dreamlike beauty and the bitter reality of human life, implementing smoke as a symbol of this intangibility. Apart from being tested by such darkness and uncertainty as humans, Nattapat finds solitude in the free-form yet uncontrollable characteristic of the smoke. The absolute freedom and allure in how the smoke particle “dances” in the air alludes to the brightness in life, however, the act of smoking itself reveals the dichotomy of smoke to also being a symbol of death. Furthermore, the free flowing movements are also associated with Budhism’s core beliefs of reaching nirvana and being liberated from Sansara.