Eat Me Art: CRAVE by Thai photographer, Napapatch Tonglueang

JUNE 7 TO 1 AUGUST, 2011

‘Crave’ was the debut solo exhibition of photographs by Napapatch Tonglueang. An undergraduate in Communication Design at Chulalongkorn University, the 20-year-old Bangkok based artist presents a series of voyeuristic through-the-keyhole snapshots.

The rapid evolution of the Asian conurbation with its physical and psychological implications has become a topic examined by several regional artists. Confined together in barely habitable boxes, anonymity and contiguity enables covert intrusions with sophisticated and accessible surveillance technology. The advent of social media sites by which to share such predation has generated sub-genres of stimulating engagement, including peephole and up-skirt photography.

Within such a context, Tonglueang surreptitiously captures fellow students displaying sexually charged behaviour. Her youth and relative innocence moderate the suggestive visual revelations, yet these keyhole glimpses reveal arousing flashes of flesh. The prime post-pubescent figures are intended to further provoke eroticised desire, with the intention of questioning contemporary perceptions of sexual appeal and body image. Full of innuendo, Tonglueang’s blurred intimate images are less about what we see than what we imagine we see.

19 photographs from ‘Crave’ were on display, daily between 3PM and 1AM at Eat Me Restaurant, from June 7 to 1 August, 2011.