Eat Me Art: Painted, Tainted, Sainted by US photographer, Cameron Wolf

11 JAN – 28 FEB 2011

‘Painted, Tainted, Sainted’ was the latest solo exhibition of photographs by Cameron Wolf. The then Bangkok based American photographer worked as an advisor for the US Agency for International Development (USAID), working in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. An established photographic artist, Wolf has exhibited extensively in the US, with this his second exhibition in Thailand.

The performer-prankster, the clown archetype provides a metaphoric entry point for Wolf’s latest photographic series. Veiled in various guises and ritualised actions, clowns present specific associations to differing cultures and periods. Wolf’s focus arises in the sacred clown, or striped Kachina spirit being, from the pueblo traditions of Native American tribes.

Costumed and masked, Wolf symbolically appropriates the clown image to express the duality of someone accepted yet marginal, exposed yet hidden. Within this context, his fixation is directed toward the personas of drag queen and performers. Often considered camp and fetishistic, Wolf’s intimate portraits of this misunderstood stratum of society draws parallels to the figures in Diane Arbus’s photographs.

Proceeds benefited SWING, a local Thai HIV prevention program.

Presented by H GALLERY, Bangkok

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