Eat Me Art: INDOCHINE by Vietnamese artist, Hugh Tran

‘Indochine’, the debut exhibition by Bangkok based Vietnamese artist, Hugh Tran,
was on display at EAT ME RESTAURANT from August 1 – September 30, 2010.

Born in Hanoi, Vietnam, 28-year old Hugh Tran studied fashion design at Hanoi Open University and painting under artist and art teacher, Nguyen Van Nghi. The exhibition, ‘Indochine’, comprises nine paintings in acrylic on canvas influenced by vintage photographs of Vietnamese Society at the end of the French Colonial period.

Hugh’s splendid paintings in rich dense colors infuse western pop art with the mysticism of the East. These sensual and vibrant works on canvas radiate with a warm Eastern palette that capture the beauty of a bygone time in Vietnamese history. Hugh’s un-daunting portraits of affluent Vietnamese women of the early and mid 20th century exude a sense of fragility and evoke a mood of impending doom.

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